Palm scented waxes

Palmowe woski zapachowe Senses Hill

Do you still want to discover new fragrances? Did you get bored with classic candles? Do you want to give someone a cute, fragrant gift? Our scented waxes are just for you!

Waxes are definitely our flagship product. We are particularly proud of them.

We produce them from unmodified palm wax. The original smell is due to specially developed fragrance compositions. One piece will fill the entire room with aromas.

Serca woski zapachowe Senses Hill
Palm wax allows perfumes to obtain a unique form, resembling a structure frozen in ice. We gave them different shapes, so that the form intuitively suggested a particular note or circumstance. Wax stars have been decorated with the scent of Christmas cookies and hearts with a sweet note of Valentine’s Day. What’s more, we stained some series to further emphasize their character.
Wosk palmowy aroma Senses Hill

To make waxes a gift, we also thought about their packaging. We packed the series of 10 basic fragrances in triangular cardboard boxes. We wanted the form to be handy and at the same time associated with nature, the hill. We closed the other series of perfumes in comfortable, neat little pouches.

We like intense aromas, but if you need a more subtle chord, we anticipated such a solution! We have attached several neutral wax elements to the packaging (no fragrance) that you can add to the molten wax. Thanks to this operation you will neutralize the excessive smell in the room.

Palmowe woski zapachowe od Senses Hill

Application of palm waxes:

a) for fireplaces – classically. One waxy fragrance releases the aroma for over 10 hours, spreading it around our room. If we want to strengthen the aroma, just add the next wax to the bowl of the fireplace,

b) as a cabinet / wardrobe freshener – you can fill the bag with fragrant waxes and put it in a linen cabinet so that it smells beautiful,

c) perfect to give someone a fragrant joy.

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