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Sojowe woski zapachowe Rose Lady Senses Hill
Do you need to organize a romantic evening for two or dream about a moment of relaxation and respite? We have prepared a comprehensive set for you that will allow you to relax, take care of the softness of your skin and give it an unforgettable fragrance. All in one? Impossible? And yet…
Woski sojowe Senses Hill

All you need is an aromatherapy fireplace and a set of our soy waxes of any shape.

In a few steps, we describe their universal application:

• Dissolve the wax perfume in the aromatherapy fireplace. After a few minutes, your room will be filled with a pleasant fragrance. Forget about artificial fresheners, you will not need them anymore.

• Dampen fingers in warm wax and massage into your hands, spaces behind the ears and neckline. Your skin will become delightfully soft, and the light, yet elegant fragrance will let you give up traditional perfumes.

• Insert the packaging into your flower-room or wardrobe. Pleasant fragrance will keep your clothes fresh.

Sojowe woski zapachowe od Senses Hill

By waxy perfumes also attracted the eye, we gave them different shapes. The form intuitively suggests a particular scent note or circumstance, which will be suitable for our little wax hero. Wax stars have been decorated with the scent of Christmas cookies and hearts with a sweet note of Valentine’s Day. We locked them in comfortable, neat little bags.

To make waxes a gift, we also thought about their packaging. We packed the series of 10 basic fragrances in triangular cardboard boxes. We wanted the form to be handy and at the same time associated with nature, the hill.

We like intense aromas, but if you need a more subtle chord, we anticipated such a solution! We have attached several neutral, soy elements (no fragrance) to the packaging, which you can add to the molten wax. Thanks to this operation you will neutralize the excessive smell in the room.

Zapachowe woski sojowe Senses Hill aroma

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