Stearic candles

Świece stearynowe Senses Hill
Can you imagine a candle that does not create smoke, doesn’t drip, burns with a bright even flame and is much more efficient than a paraffin candle? In addition, it resembles an element of the nature, and during the burning it takes the form of openwork …
Świece stearynowe od Senses Hill

Stearic candles delight with their structure similar to frost patterns on glass panes or flickering ice crystals. A common element of stearin candles and products of nature is their uniqueness. There are no two stearin candles that would have been the same. Crystallization of the candle during freezing takes place spontaneously. We never know exactly what effect we will achieve.

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And what could be more beautiful in nature than its unpredictability and uniqueness? …

We offer stearic candles in our offer:
– stump / in glasses
– fragrance / odorless
– coloured / organically white

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