About us
Senses hill - producent świec zapachowych

Senses hill is a group of totally different personalities. Many years of experience in the production of candles, passion for aromas, aesthetics and the sense of entrepreneurship. We shared a common goal – drawing from nature, the most beautiful. We reach for proven solutions, although sometimes forgotten, adding to them a note of innovation. We create products with a heart and to the pleasure of the senses.

Senses Hill - producent wosków zapachowych

There are no two identical things in nature, and we love to be inspired by nature. Our diversity makes our team strong because we can complement each other.

Our products ignite the senses. They let you experience, experience, touch, stare and delight. Senses hill is a hill of the senses, a hill from which you can see more, hear louder, feel stronger. In our products, you will find harmony, introduce yourself in a blissful mood and find relaxation.

We’ve done what’s the most beautiful, and now we want to share it with you. Try it and you’ll come back for more …

Senses Hill - producent lampionów dekoracyjnych

Senses Hill producent świec

ul. Żmigrodzka 41/49
60-171 Poznań

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