Candles in lanterns

Świece dwa w jednym, 2 w 1 , świece zapachowe

Candles in lanterns are a novelty on the market. Here is the story of their creation:

Lantern is our proprietary product, that’s why we wanted to give it many incarnations. Reduced to the standard lantern size, we filled with scented soy wax. The candle enjoys the eye with a crystal cloak, releasing a pleasant aroma. This is not the end of the story.

Zapachowe świece 2 w 1

After burning the soybean mixture, we get a lantern to which we can put on tealight to constantly enjoy this decoration. When using this solution, one should remember about security. Tealight should always stand on the safety support, never directly on the table top or window sill.

Zapachowe świece w lampionach

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