Classic candles

Świece klasyczne Senses Hill
A proposal for supporters of simplicity and minimalism, those who love ecology and classics. Within this category we present cylindrical, spherical and figural candles. Candles are made by hand, from fully ecological, certified waxes: soy, palm, rapeseed, bee. We use wicks from organic cotton, and therefore without the addition of lead and similar harmful elements.
Świece klasyczne od Senses Hill

Depending on your needs, we are able to make candles:

• Unscented or with the addition of a fragrance (ask for fragrance! We can prepare it for you)

• Organic in color – colored or colored

• Longer burning time (ask us for details)

Świeca wegańska Senses Hill

We packed candles into linen pouches, stamped with a stamp. The attached label contains all the necessary information.

We are available when it comes to specialist orders. However, for the sake of your safety and the specific characteristics of raw materials, we suggest sticking to our guidelines.

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