Tailored candles

Senses Hill scented candles

The secret of our company is the name itself. And so…

S – charms – only natural, ecological, without toxic additives, safe and environmentally friendly.

E – stetska – we care about the friendly graphic design of the website. We carefully manufacture our products taking care of their appearance and matching packaging.

N – atura – our greatest inspiration! We create our products from its derivatives, and also gain knowledge and ideas to expand the offer. We do not want to change nature, only to extract from it what is most beautiful.

S – ztuka – in this category we combine art and craft. A perfectly made product is a small piece of art that delights and favors reaching for more …

E – kology – is in the raw materials we use, and also in the possibility of giving a second life to products or their packaging.

S – ensasivity – we want to encourage with scent, surprise with look and pamper with touch. It is worth finding out about this synergy of senses personally.

Świece spersonalizowane Senses Hill

H – armonia – we manufacture in harmony with nature and with ourselves. We make sure that our products are consistent, and using them allows for a harmonious atmosphere and encourages relaxation.

I -novation – our experience and constant desire to develop allows us to create a product with the best parameters. We also improve our current offer using new products on the market.

L – vitality – in relation to our co-workers, subcontractors (steel mills, printers, carpenters) and clients, we are guided by honesty and reliability.

L – luck – we need them to exist and we want to exist for them.

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