Massage oil candles
Massage candle senses hill

We  have composed massage oil candles specially for the feast of the senses. In a neat, ceramic pot we mixed soy wax with natural essential oils. Each of these fragrances has different properties: warming, relaxing, easing the muscle tension. The amazing fragrance will bring a cozy atmosphere, and your skin will remember a pleasant experience for a long time.

Producent świec do masażu Senses Hill

How to properly use candles for massage?

1) Find the time for yourself! Pleasure done in a hurry is not a pleasure!

2) Light candles, enjoy the view

3) Wait for the soy wax to melt

4) Turn off the candle and check with your finger that the temperature of the wax is right

5) Pour the wax on the body, gently massage in the aromatic oil into the skin

6) Enjoy the moments of pleasure!


The massage oil candle is ideal for self-use as well as in the spa rooms.

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