Scented candles
Świece zapachowe Senses Hill

To make our candles, we use natural raw material and specially selected fragrances from a renowned French company. Thanks to this, we allow the product to maintain its natural properties. Wax does not clash (perfectly combines) with a fragrant mixture, so the aroma released from the candle allows you to introduce a pleasant atmosphere in our interior.

Świece sojowe zapachowe Senses Hill

Floral, oriental, fruity? Do you know this division? Certainly, someone who has ever been interested in perfumery, has certainly met the basic families of fragrances. Based on this knowledge, we have created a series of 10 classic Senses Hill aromas.
Cotton in the wind
Sweet orange
Black orchid
Floral sweetness
Chocolate cream

Świece zapachowe w słojach Senses HillŚwiece zapachowe w słojach Senses Hill

In addition to the classic 10, we also have a series of fragrances composed for specific occasions. We have prepared a different aroma for each occasion.

The colors of nature and memories that bring to the childhood are the best inspiration for us. It is in this way that fragrances are transferred to other times and places. The fragrance of a meadow full of flowers lets you feel like on a sunny, holiday day. The aroma of Christmas cookies evokes grandma’s kitchen and longing for Christmas.

Special occasion require a special fragrance. So we created a perfume series. This is an alternative to gifting classic perfumes. In addition to the fragrance, we give someone the joy that engages all the senses. A sensual gift for a special person.

We also have original fragrances in our offer!

As the only company on the market, we have introduced the possibility of choosing the intensity of the aroma. We have prepared three versions: soft (8%), normal (10%) and intensiv (12%)

If you have your idea for a fragrant candle and would like to receive it from us – in a few steps we describe here how to do it.

Naturalne świece zapachowe Senses Hill


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